Training & Development


员工福利 & Development Guidelines

The annual training programme provided by 员工福利 & Development facilitates the training & development of staff employed by the University. We would encourage all staff to take the initiative, time & opportunity to participate in at least two training workshops or events over the course of an academic year.

员工 development is most effective when staff take responsibility to attend workshops on their own initiative. We also encourage Heads of Schools, Departments & Units to assist, encourage & facilitate staff in training & development opportunities, where time & resources allow.

While there are times that staff might feel that their schedule is too busy to avail of training opportunities, we ask all staff to consider attending our programmes as integral to enabling a productive & well-balanced professional practice.

如果你有以上任何疑问,请不要犹豫 接触 我们。


不要让这将需要完成在你做这件事的方式的东西经得起时间的恐惧。时间无论如何都会通过;我们还不如把那消磨时间的最佳使用“。 - 厄尔南丁格尔

员工福利 & Development

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